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Remedial and Deeper Tissue Massage. scapula

Remedial massage and Deeper tissue treatment

Remedial massage is a therapeutic deeper tissue treatment tailored to your specific needs. The aim is to reduce aches and pain, often due to muscle spasm or deep congestion in the tissues and improve mobility.

A remedial treatment usually consists of the application of different soft tissue techniques combined with mobilisations as appropriate.

Remedial massage is a holistic therapy; it treats the whole body, identifying and treating the cause of the presenting disorder and not just any apparent symptoms.

Remedial and Deeper Tissue Massage. lowerback

How may this treatment help me?

The treatment focuses on the different layers of tissue (muscle, tendons and fascia), working to relax, lengthen, and release strain patterns within them, so that the body's posture can realign itself.

Specific areas of the body may be targeted which are presenting patterns of strain.

Where there is chronic muscle tension or injury, there are usually adhesions (knots) in muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These knots can block circulation and cause pain, reduced movement and inflammation.

This type of deeper tissue, therapeutic massage works by helping physically break down these adhesions to begin to relieve pain and restore normal movement. To help achieve this I will often use a variety of many direct deep pressure techniques to help remind the brain there is some kind of dysfunction within the area and therefore, effectively kick start the body’s natural healing capacity.

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What conditions is treatment beneficial for?

Conditions such as sciatica, repetitive strain injuries, carpal tunnel, chronically tight shoulders, stiff necks, headaches, lower back pain and many more may be eased with a remedial massage treatment.

This treatment is a type of therapeutic massage therapy that focuses on the realignment of the deeper layers of connective tissue and muscles and is especially effective for the upper back, neck and shoulders and low back problems.

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Benefits of this treatment

Overall, the treatment helps:

  • Improve suppleness and flexibility of muscles and joints;
  • Improve circulation;
  • Relax stressed and tight muscles;
  • Aid the removal of waste products that build up within the muscle.

    Remedial and deeper tissue massage therapy can be used to help treat a wide variety of back pain, headaches, tension and postural problems.

Remedial and Deeper Tissue Massage. triggerpoint

Targeted treatment for strain patterns

The treatment may focus on the legs and pelvis, shoulder girdle or neck, depending on where the strain patterns are evident.

As always, I will listen with care and sensitivity to help gauge where and how you are experiencing any discomfort, pain or restriction in movement and work accordingly to free and untangle you.

Remedial and Deeper Tissue Massage. painrelief

New research on massage therapy and pain management

New research analysis in May 2016, indicates that massage therapy may be highly recommended for people seeking help with their pain management.

Based on the evidence, massage therapy has the potential to provide significant improvement for pain, anxiety and health related quality of life for those looking to manage their pain.

Read the research findings here

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Different discomfort thresholds

As the treatment is working into deeper tissues which may well be heavily contracted, it can cause some discomfort. We all have different pain thresholds however and something that could cause mild discomfort to one person may leave another wondering what all the fuss is about.

Deeper tissue massage treatment, by its very nature, tends to use a stronger pressure but it may still range from moderate to deep. The important thing is for us to share good communication to achieve your desired treatment goals whilst still ensuring that you enjoy a comfortable and pleasant therapeutic experience.

Remedial and Deeper Tissue Massage. water

Rest assured that I will always aim to work within your comfort threshold and adjust the treatment accordingly. I will always be led by you because you are the only one who knows how the treatment feels to you. You may feel a little sore or stiff after the treatment though this soon subsides and you then will feel the true benefit. You will soon be feeling much more mobile, open, loosened and at greater ease within yourself.

Regular clients
40 minutes £37
60 minutes £45

From January 2019:

New and occasional clients
40 minutes £40
60 minutes £50

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