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In clients' own words. lotus

In clients' own words

Below are a selection of testimonials and endorsements I've received from clients. I'm very grateful they've taken the time to write a few words down about their experience for others to read and given their permission for me to include their names with their testimonials.

In clients' own words. handsonshoulder

"Alison gives the best massages I have ever had. She works from the heart with a combination of a tremendously skilled technique and expert knowledge of the body along with a compassionate approach to the client’s particular needs. I have had problems with circulation with are always much improved by a session with Alison. Total relaxation is a given with a great bonus of thorough wellbeing. I feel ‘put back together’ after her massage".

Jan de Villeneuve, Selling

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"I have a lot of tension and knotted muscles in my shoulders and upper back which cause me pain and back ache. Alison tackles these muscles with enthusiasm and always makes me feel freer and less tense. Over time, my back is improving and I am grateful to Alison for her expert massage, and for treating me as an individual with individual needs".

Val Alabaster, Sheldwich

In clients' own words. yogaclassk

"The best massage I have ever had and the best yoga class I have attended. With Alison one feels treated as an individual, she is very knowledgeable and committed. I always leave the yoga class feeling more supple and relaxed than when I started. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alison's yoga classes or massages to anyone".

Jacqui, Oare

In clients' own words. water

"I initially discovered Alison when I had an Indian head massage treatment booked for me as a present! As a person that has suffered with long term neck pain & headaches, the treatment was absolute bliss and I felt I got so much more from Alison than I have with other clinics/ therapists that I have used before.

Since then I have been booking & seeing her regularly for my neck pains & muscle tension.

Her attitude and professionalism towards her career is nothing short of amazing. Alison is kind, polite and respectful, and will do her utmost to cater to your specific aches and pains. I feel at ease from the moment I walk in, and I leave feeling de-stressed & pain free! Alison is not one of those clock watching therapists who rushes you in and out. She takes the time to listen to your problems and has even offered advice to help with my issue, which makes the treatment feel so much more personal.

I would recommend her to anyone & everyone who requires the treatments that she offers, and will say with full confidence that you will not feel in the least bit disappointed!"

Cris Gurney, Herne Bay

In clients' own words. yogaclassf

"I have been going to yoga classes with Alison for 2 years. I started because I wanted to be able to relax and particularly I wanted to increase flexibility in my joints. I hoped to improve lower back pain which has always been a problem and improve a stiff shoulder.

The back pain went almost immediately and the shoulder is much improved. As for flexibility, it's quite amazing how much more supple my body is and I am not a youngster!

As for Alison- I can't praise her enough. She has this lovely soft voice talking you through the postures. She is always so caring and sympathetic to your needs and always encouraging.

I would recommend this class to anyone of any age who wants to keep flexible and build body strength".

Diane Griffin, Faversham

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"I have been going to Alison for over a year now. My muscles suffer from the usual stresses and strains. I cannot praise Alison enough for her massage techniques and overall professionalism. When I leave her clinic I always feel refreshed and I feel like a new man".

Jeremy Groeger- Wilson, Lynsted

In clients' own words. happyfree

"After years of suffering shoulder pain as a result of working long hours at a computer and carrying a shoulder bag, I had a course of massage with Alison who relieved the pain and allowed me much great movement than I have had in years.

I have also attended Alison's yoga classes for a couple of years, and have noticed a marked improvement in my flexibility, fitness and sense of wellbeing. Alison has a wonderful calm manner which makes her a perfect yoga teacher and therapist".

Denise Turner, Newnham

In clients' own words. buddha

Heartfelt thanks

I'm so very grateful to all the above lovely people of the Faversham, Canterbury and Sittingbourne areas who have shared their personal thoughts on their massage therapy, holistic treatment and yoga experiences. I am truly thankful for your support.

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