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Welcome to Alison Le Mar Therapist and Yoga Teacher in Faversham, Kent

Hello and thank you for visiting my site. You're warmly welcome!

I do sincerely hope that you'll find what you're looking for here whether you're seeking a calm retreat from a busy world, some quality time for yourself to relax and unwind, release from pain or treatment to support rehabilitation back from injury or ill health.

I offer a range of professional therapeutic treatments and yoga classes with exceptional care to help meet your individual holistic needs: whatever form they may take!

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Therapeutic care and massage therapy treatment

Massage and complementary therapies that I offer:

  • Remedial and Deeper Tissue Massage
  • Fusion Therapy with Sports Massage
  • Swedish, Holistic and Integrated massage
  • Reflexology
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Reiki
  • NEW: Abdominal Sacral Massage

    Many people seek massage therapy, reflexology and Reiki purely for relaxation and comfort, but many people may also seek a massage therapist for deeper work, such as help with pain or pain management, sports rehabilitation, or help for a specific problem or health condition.

    Though my treatments may have a wide range of objectives, each is bespoke in its content and nature to directly meet your individual needs and effectively enhance your musculoskeletal health, vitality and wellbeing.

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    Treatment menu and choices

    Sometimes people contact me with a specific request for treatment- they’re a keen runner or cyclist perhaps and are looking to book an appointment for sports massage to help relieve tightness, or people have a great deal of cumulative, deep seated congestion through work related repetitive strain and are looking for some deeper tissue massage or clinical, remedial work.

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    Some people of course, are drawn to booking Swedish body massage to balance relaxation with some reduced muscle tension.

    Sometimes however, people are somewhat undecided on which treatment to book. In these circumstances I always welcome people to contact me so that we may discuss how to proceed. Often people will know what they would like treatment to achieve or how they wish to feel.

    I am always happy to discuss this so that we may decide on the best direction to take you forward towards meeting your health, wellness and perhaps fitness, goals. Reiki may be combined with reflexology for example, aromatherapy may be offered with reflexology or Indian head massage may be fused with Reiki- the possibilities are varied and numerous!

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    Are you in pain?

    I specialise in helping get you out of pain's grip!

    If you're currently living with any type of chronic and deep seated tension or persistent aches, pain and discomfort, I may very well be able to help you feel freer, lighter and more at ease in your body.

    Together we can create and manage your treatment plan that will help reduce your pain, improve your range of motion and help restore effective musculoskeletal function.

    If you are experiencing conditions such as lower back pain, tight and aching shoulders, a stiff neck, repetitive strain injuries or many other conditions that are causing you unease and wearing you down, then please feel free to contact me so that we may discuss how I may be able to help you.

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    Greater physical, mental and emotional health

    Alongside any hands on treatment, I also advise on ways you may help yourself maximise the benefits of treatment, including postural assessment, lifestyle and mindset adjustments, plus stretches and strengthening exercises to bring you back into optimal alignment and musculoskeletal health.

    My approach is truly holistic, thorough and comprehensive in working with you to meet your treatment goals and support you in living life to the full.

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    I also teach several yoga classes for health, vitality and wellbeing within the town which include a wide variety of asana (physical postures), breathwork, guided meditation and deep relaxation. All classes focus upon developing flexibility as well as strength which over time may help you enjoy a wider repertoire of quality, functional movement in everyday life.

    Individual yoga tuition is also available at the Gatefield Clinic.

    I teach yoga classes at the St. Jude Welcome Centre which is quietly situated near the town centre and just down the A2 from Norton, Bapchild, Teynham and Sittingbourne, Kent.

    If however, you’re more Boughton, Dunkirk, Selling, Blean, Canterbury or Sturry based or more towards the coast in Graveney, Seasalter or Whitstable and looking for classes, it’s also a very viable option to choose. Kent's M2 is not far away!

    Of course, wherever you are locally and whichever class, day or time suits you best you are very welcome to attend! Please just contact me to let me know your preference and check that space is currently available on the class.

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    Massage and Yoga complement each other beautifully

    As a therapist I think I give treatments that I like to receive myself: ones that genuinely target and help untangle my deep seated muscular tension, soothe any frazzled nerves, calm my mind and blissfully relax me. I want to feel that I'm in a calm, safe, competent and caring pair of hands and that's what I always aim to offer you too.

    I always remember that you have a choice and want you to feel you've received excellence in your care and massage therapy, reflexology or Reiki treatment experience.

    My yoga classes similarly offer you opportunity to release tension in body and mind, relax and explore creating greater openness and freedom for the body and mind to uplift the spirit. I focus on developing strength in your flexibility and flexibility in your strength to help you enjoy a well balanced body that is supported by a healthy mind and positive outlook.

    Where to find me

    I practice from the Gatefield Osteopathic Clinic which is located in a quiet lane just off Preston Street in the heart of Faversham and is easily accessible from all the surrounding villages for all your massage therapy, reflexology and Reiki needs. I am conveniently available just off the high street for massage in Faversham's town centre.

    There are also good transport links for the clinic to be within easy reach from Canterbury, Sittingbourne, Whitstable, Herne Bay, Maidstone and Ashford. Indeed, handy if you're anywhere nearby in East Kent or Swale!

    Both Canterbury and Sittingbourne are only 10 miles away so very reachable if you're in need of an effective, therapeutic massage in Faversham, or a well deserved, quality treatment experience of your choice. I'm a reflexologist for Canterbury and a yoga teacher for Sittingbourne- a little distance really is just that!

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    Naturally good for you

    To stay in touch with all the latest news, natural health and wellness tips and special offers, you can also find me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

    I can now be found on Instagram too! Here I post inspiration on living a more mindful and peaceful life, keeping our much needed connection to the natural world and living the true spirit of yoga.

    Please feel free to share your feedback and reviews.

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    Coming soon.... New therapies and treatments for 2019

    There's been lots going on behind the scenes this year as I've been busy undertaking a number of courses to grow and expand the range of therapies and treatments that I'm able to offer people to help nurture their health and wellbeing. I'm currently training as a Shamanic Practitioner and an apprentice Womb Awakening Shamanic Healer to help heal emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

    I will be offering ThetaHealing® sessions which is a great talking and meditative modality to help clear subconscious blocks and replace them with positive intention and a healing mindset. I am training in Sound Healing which I will be able to offer as a stand alone treatment or incorporate into other holistic treatments to enhance optimal benefits. I will also be offering Soul Realignment® sessions which are detailed Akashic record readings and a great way to learn and understand more about yourself on a deeper level.

    I'm thoroughly enjoying all this training and am so excited about the new and wonderful additional ways that I'll be able to help and support people in their healing. More details to follow in the new year. Please do get in touch if you're already interested though so I can put you at the top of the list for when I start!

    Alison Le Mar (MFHT, CNHC, BWY) Massage Therapy, Yoga, Reiki and Reflexology in Faversham, near Canterbury, Sittingbourne and Whitstable in Kent.

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